A recent Washington State Supreme Court decision has changed how counties decide to approve or deny building permits that use wells for a water source.

  • If your county determines that water is not legally available for your new use, the county would not be able to approve your building permit - even if you have already drilled a well.
  • The state should be providing technical assistance to counties as they determine their next steps.

Anyone with questions about how the decision affects them should contact their county government.

Washington State Senate Bill 5239 is attempting to addressing the Supreme Courts poor decision.

Building new homes creates Jobs and tax revenue. In fact estimates show that building an average single-family home generates 2.97 jobs, measured in full-time equivalents (enough work to keep one worker employed for a year).

It's hard to believe the Supreme Court is trying to stop building in rural counties like Mason County. Why shouldn't you be able to build a home in the country?

Most Mason County Building lots are 5 acres or more. If you punch in a well it's only going to use 300 gallons of water a day, on average.

I really hope the Washington State Legislator remedies the Supreme Courts decision!