Know these frequent appraisal and inspection items

Common appraisal repairs and inspection items.



  • Leaks
  • Exposed wiring (outlet covers missing)
  • Wood rot (case by case basis)
  • Private road maintenance agreements
  • Remaining economic life of roof


  • Chipping/peeling paint exterior regardless of year built
  • Chipping/peeling paint interior if built 1978 or prior
  • Attic/crawl space access
  • Evidence of settlement
  • Existing appliances not functioning or built in appliances missing


  • Handrails when the height of retaining wall, porch, deck, stairs, etc. is too high
  • Safe water drinking tests for wells
  • Multi Parcels
  • Unvented fireplaces/heat source
  • Private road maintenance agreements


  • Safe drinking water tests for wells
    (follows remaining FHA guidelines)